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Qualities which a Salesperson should have
Posted by Prachi Singh on 14 July 2016 02:03 PM

Qualities which a Salesperson should have

So, what does it take to be a successful salesperson?  Some experts believe that a person’s attitudes, personality, and work methods together classified as their “approach to work” are virtually the entire basis for professional success. Common sense dictates that a person’s approach to work plays an important role in their performance on the job. By the very nature of the work itself, successful salespeople possess a unique set of personality attributes that enable them to succeed.  Mediocre sales performance cannot be disguised as a salesperson’s success or failure is revealed immediately by the bottom line results. It takes a special kind of individual to succeed in sales.


Empathy is the ability to identify with customers, to feel what they are feeling and make customers feel respected.  Empathy is NOT sympathy, which involves a feeling of loyalty with another individual.  It is more than understanding their concerns from an objective standpoint.  A salesperson showing empathy can gain trust and establish rapport with customers by being on their side and not appearing judgmental.  Empathy allows the salesperson to read the customers, show concern, and clearly demonstrate his or her interest in providing a proper solution.

Good Listener

When you listen to your clients/customers, you find out what they want and need, and how to make that happen. If you don’t know exactly how to make happen what your client has asked for, be absolutely sure that there is a way. You just haven’t found it, yet.

Great salespeople ask quality questions

The best sales people ask their clients and prospects plenty of quality questions to fully determine their situation and buying needs. They know that the most effective way to present their product or service is to uncover their customer’s goals, objectives, concerns and hesitations. This allows them to effectively discuss the features and benefits of their product and service that most relate to each customer.


A person with focus is internally driven to accomplish goals and can stay attentive to one topic.  Focused individuals are more demanding of themselves than other people and they are self-motivated.  They are able to organize themselves and recognize what needs to be done in order to achieve their goals. In a salesperson, focus produces best results when it is balanced with empathy.  You then see a person who listens and identifies with the customer while keeping focused on set goals, and who is able to translate these goals into solutions for the customer.

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How to train your Customer Support Department
Posted by Prachi Singh on 11 July 2016 01:56 PM

How to train your Customer Support Department

Businesses of every type need to train employees in customer service. General customer service training topics, such as conflict resolution, communication and handling difficult customers are useful in every organization. You pay your customer service representatives to interact with your customers every day, but do you train them on how to do this well? Many managers make the mistake of thinking the interpersonal communication comes easy to everyone on their front line, but some reps may need more assistance in this area than others.

Customer expectations for service are constantly increasing. Now, customers expect more than an answer to their question. They want their problems solved quickly and desire a personal interaction with a skilled agent.

New Agents should be properly educated

Your new hires should have a comprehensive understanding of your business, product and call center operations. They should also be provided information about company culture, mission, core values and vision and understand their role in achieving business goals. With this understanding, your agents will be more prepared to interact with customers in a manner that is consistent with your business values.

Give your customers a way to provide feedback

No matter how proactive you are, you’ll never be able to get in front of every customer issue. To make sure you learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly experience your customers have, create an easily accessible way for customers to give feedback.

Whether it’s a phone survey at the end of a service call, an email survey sent directly from your CRM tool, or a form on the “Contact Us” page of your website, creating a means for customers to give feedback makes it easier for you to learn what needs improvement. It also helps keep unhappy customers from voicing their displeasure on highly visible places like your social media pages.

Keep Customers Up to Date

Engaging customers means notifying them of policy changes or upcoming promotions that may be relevant to them. It means treating your customers more like a partner in your business, rather than someone who must be serviced every time they walk through your door. Your front line reps are the perfect place to begin educating and updating your customers on information about your company that specifically applies to them.

Raise your customer interactions to the next level, and you transform merely satisfied customers into loyal, engaged clients. Those contact points make all the difference in keeping your client base coming back to your business over and over again.

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What Business Problems are solved by CRM Panel of Toll Free Numbers
Posted by Prachi Singh on 08 July 2016 12:55 PM

What Business Problems are solved by CRM Panel Of Toll Free Numbers

This is like the soul of any toll free number as it helps the customers monitor, analyze and track all the incoming calls. With the help of this panel, customers can know which time of the day most of the their clients’ are calling them. CRM is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management that helps in custom retention and improve your relationship with customers. But, do you know when you buy a toll free number you are provided with a comprehensive CRM panel which can help you manage all the database of the incoming calls and hence helps in managing your business communication smoothly.

  • You lack a proper channel to manage inbound calls and lose leads.
  • CRM panel can be used to see all the answered, unanswered and missed calls.
  • As a subscriber, you can gauge all the vital statistics like at which time most of the customers are calling you.
  • You lack insight into your customer’s’ preferences.
  • The panel can also be used to take customers’ remark as feedback which in turn improvise services and enhance sales.
  • To maintain reporting system is a tedious task for you.
  • With the help of CRM panel, you can manage all the vital data, analytics and statistics which in turn lets you save tons of paperwork and other vital resources.
  • You lack manpower and cannot be present physically at office.
  • Without being physically present at office, you can keep track of the calls and callers.
  • You want transparency of the bills paid by you.
  • Save Money! Save Efforts! Save Resources by automating the Thinking different means being a winner.
  • You can see each and every details of the pulse rate, talk time etc. and can know for what you are paying.

It is a good idea to have all customer interaction data centralized in one database, because it saves you expensive data management time. It also means all your teams can see all data in relation to an individual or a group of your customers. This speeds up the decision-making process and your employees can organize themselves better according to the hard data: knowing which leads are hot or cold allows them to take appropriate action, focusing their energy in the right direction.

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Do you know why your Competitor Use Vanity Numbers
Posted by Prachi Singh on 05 July 2016 02:00 AM

Do you know why your Competitor Use vanity Numbers

Considering a vanity number for your business? A vanity number will not only help your business sound more professional but also look more professional.

Vanity numbers are easy to remember so they’re great for companies who do business over the phone on a national level or those who spend a lot of money on display advertising, like a billboard. Relying on customers to remember the 10 digit number they just saw on a billboard as they pass on the highway is simply unrealistic. Expecting them to remember something like 1-800-Flowers as they drive by makes a lot more sense.

Once you have left your job and decided to earn as much as you want, you explore all the possible ways to set up a profitable business. Whether you have made up your mind to not join a business or have left the job to start a business venture, there are certain things that you need to pay heed to.


Vanity phone numbers are an extension of name recognition, a process those in the marketing business call branding. Once you purchase your toll free vanity phone number, your customer base will expand further when you include that number in your advertising, whether it’s in your print media, billboards and other signage, or on a company vehicle.  When a service or product is needed, the customers immediately know where to go.  Your telephone number is both the name identified with your product or service, as well as the roadmap that leads them to your door.

Improves Customer Experiences

Vanity phone numbers help improve the customer experience for several reasons. First of all, because vanity numbers are memorable and unique, they help improve customer recall. When clients are exposed to a vanity number, they may not need to call the business right away. Your competition understands this, so they use vanity numbers to make sure that potential customers have the phone number memorized well before it’s time to actually place the phone call. Vanity numbers also help prevent misdials, which happens when recall is poor. Overall, when a customer sees that the business has used a vanity number, they get the immediate impression that it was done for their benefit and it shows that they are valued.

Customer Savings

When customers look at businesses and phone number choices, they say having an 800 number makes the business seem more credible. In other words, customers see a business that has invested in a vanity number as one that will be around for awhile. When a person invests in a product, they like to know the business will be there to answer questions and to purchase from again. The toll-free vanity number says you are here to stay.

Don’t let your competitors be the only ones to benefit from using them. Reserve your vanity 800 number today!

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Why Prospect’s Don’t Convert into Customers
Posted by Prachi Singh on 04 July 2016 01:58 PM

Why Prospect's Don't Convert into Customers

Marketers have spent almost their entire budget chasing new prospects. Years ago, when sales staffs were large and competition well-known, the answer was easy. Turn leads over to Sales and let them do their jobs. Today, lean sales departments have bumped into tight marketing budgets and the constant search for ROI has moved the prime target from prospects to customers. Advancements in technology have played a large role. It is only in the last five to six years that most marketers have been able to affordable approach prospects with the kind of personal attention approaching that offered by professional salespeople.

There are many reasons why your prospect’s don’t convert into Customers some of them are as follows.

Not able to Engage Customers

The most important thing in any sales process is to engage your Customers and if you are not able to do it it’s your Biggest drawback. To progress through the marketing funnel, prospects need a reason to move. Since at this stage prospects are still not ready to make a large commitment, tools that service their informational needs tend to work best. Getting prospects to declare what they are really looking for will help you serve them with more meaningful communications.

Socially Inactive

If you are not Socially active this will also be a negative point you should always be in touch of your Customers. You can wow customers with content, woo them by demonstrating how much you care, or whisk them away with an anti-social stance. Prospects expect your company to express interest in them with ongoing interaction via social media.


If your site is rich with resources, it’s risky to ask visitors to scour through the pages to find what they seek. Put a simple search field on your homepage and use content filters where they’ll help speed access to the content prospects might want. Understand the segments and persona you serve and place obvious signposts where they will help direct traffic. What’s more, allow visitors to qualify themselves so specific segments of your potential customer base can be addressed more personally and as pragmatically as possible.

Irregular Follow Ups

If you don’t follow up your Customers properly then your prospects will never convert into Customers. In today’s dynamic marketplace, businesses are constantly developing new and innovative ways to serve their customers and attract prospects. It has become crucial to continuously be in touch with your current and prospective customers to build strong and trusting relationships with them.

Here are some reasons why your Prospects does not Convert into your Customers.You should always keep this thing in mind before you focus on other things.

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